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Rental Agreement

Please fill out the following form, sign and return to us together with proof of payment of deposit.

This agreement is made between CARE Naxos with registered address Chora Naxos Greece, e-mail:, phone +30 6992222211 and  

The total rental charge is


This rent assumes 


The rent is composed of:

     Base rate of EUR 1260/night for up to 15 persons: EUR 1260 for 18 nights 22680 plus cleaning fee of 80 euros per house.     


The advance of EUR …10,000 EUROS is required to confirm the reservation, and the balance of EUR 12840. is due on 8 May 2024…., which is about 2 month before your arrival. 


(SWIFT/wire/cable using IBAN, BIC/SWIFT and SHA-Shared fees) to the name and the address of the Owner.


The deposit is to be paid to the account below and the reason as DEPOSIT


IBAN account:  GR3701406200620002330004132          BIC/SWIFT: CRBAGRAA

Robert Katsiouleris


Villa Matina is available from:         

Villa Matina and Sofia are available to client until:         

Thanks for submitting!

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